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This story was sent in by West Midlands swingers and I think its pretty fare to say they are getting the most from the Webcam features thats within the members section ( full details on the right)

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We've been married and involved within the swingers scene for some years although only on the more softer side to swinging but to be honest its a scene we prefer

My husband recently picked up some work that meant he was going to be outside the UK for a few weeks at a time and at first all we did was chat over the phone and being a pretty rampant couple this was very frustrating, till one we tried out webcam sex and we've never turned back

Pete ( my husband ) had been away for a few days this time round and no great surprise I was starting to get horny and as we only every played as a couple plus soft meets with local couples wasn't an option. Before Pete went away we both made a copy of a porn video and setting everything up I placed the laptop on the sofa, turning the webcam on and logged into the members section. Once we got over a few problems the cams both kicked into life showing us each other and after a chat put the porn film on making sure we did it precisely together.

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  • The film start with action straight away with a young female sucking this guys cock, licking and tonguing the rock hard cock as she drooled all over his dick, making it get shiney, wet and slippery as she sucked it, looking over to Pete I could now see him rock hard wanking off and knowing he was imaginating either me doing that to him or someone else

    See him playing with himself made little shots though my pussy, then the man on the film takes her by the hair and starts pushing his cock deep inside her fucking her face pushing deep in her throat, at first she gags a little ( something I don't anymore as I'm used to deep throating cocks) as shes sucking him she dribbles frothy saliva all over his cock.

    He's now fucking her mouth hard and whilst this is going on Pete is telling me about how he would be doing this to me if he was there or would I prefer someone else to be fucking my mouth, with this I responded like any slut wife - ANY cock will do so long as itsd hard and being used on my mouth.

    Moving my fingers up I slipped my cum soaked fingers into my mouth making sure Pete saw this, and telling him my pussy is so wet I need you inside me NOW... back to the film the guy now get onto the bed and she gets next to him and he pushes into her gorgeous fanny and with this Pete asks me if I can feel his cock inside me and with this I gasp and moving the webcam down show that I've now pushed a large dildo into me

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