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Our first soft swap - Oxfordshire swingers

Hiya I thought it was about time that I started our little blog about our soft swapping experiences and being new thought I’d start by telling you a little about us and our first soft swapping meet

We live in Oxford and for sometime have been curious about trying swapping as we a VERY great sex life but fancied looking at ways of sparking things up a little.  One night we were looking online for some porn dvds and looking at some of the sections the swingers one caught our eyes and it was that gave us the idea to meet other and try it for ourselves.

After watching a few dvds whilst we liked the idea we didn’t want to see us fucking another person and at first shelved the idea but it was only when we came across a Soft swapping site that we found out others were the same so joined up.The idea of soft swapping was something that really excited us both watching another person having foreplay with your wife then back to basically shag with your partner, talk about ideal and we started to both fantasise about it.

Once members we started looking around and soon found the soft swapping forums section and started a new posting and waited to see what type of response we would have, we where pretty amazed at the number of members that responded but a couple, called Donna & Mark stood out and we started chatting in the chat room and then private message so we could exchange some more risky photos, well they were risky for us newbie's and after a short while knew it was a good time to meet.

We meet in a bar so that we could make sure we were happy and Jane and I got there first and Donna & Mark turned up almost the same time and thankfully we got on well and after a few drinks Jane invited them back to ours. We drank and more and chatted which lead us all chatting about the swingers scene and what we liked and just why we’d joined up and sex was definitely in the air and something we all wanted.

I knew I needed to move things along so I suggest a porn dvd which had a good response from all and after putting the DVD on when I looked back everyone was sat but had changed places, Mark was now next to Jane and Donna had moved leaving a space for me, we all knew what was going to happen. Watching the porn the sex was pretty hot and I then heard a moaning coming from Jane and looking over they were kissing with plenty of tongue action and it was very wet & passionate, Mark had his hand up her dress I could tell he was pushing it higher and higher getting near to Janes pussy.

This was all Donna needed and she started to rub my crotch and straight away I was hard and she squeezed my cock through my jeans and I turned towards her and started kissing her and starting playing with her tits and her nipples where hard and I was able to pinch them her top

She stopped kissing me and stood up “ I think we all need to get naked” .......

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ello we are both new to the swingers scene and looking for something to spice to our sex lives and we are not really sure how to proceed .we are looking for couples only to show us the ropes and will want to start slowly .
Banbury / Oxfordshire
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 I'm we are a professional couple thats both sexually adventurous and keen to meet with similar couples ONLY. We are looking to explore things but only to soft level as we don't want anyone else shagging our partners...everything else is fine just no fucking. We are NOT prudish and enjoy role playing fun and even some outdoor meets assuming the weather is fine. so any couples interested in meeting a horny couple  No single guys please..
Bicester / Oxfordshire
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