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How do you meet with soft swingers

Easy, join us but its not just that easy as whilst we offer you everything to help you meet with soft swapping couples you still have to put a little bit of leg work in yourselves and whilst its easy just to say " how do you meet with soft swingers" doing it is another thing

As a member our site, even a FREE one you'll have access to a database of members that's tens of thousands big going right across the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and even all of Europe so whilst you'll have access to these members you still have to put a little bit of work in to make them want to contact YOU

Its all about putting that EXTRA bit of effort in

We see thousands of profile submitted every day, in fact probably near on every hour and you know straight away the ones that will get members falling over to contact and the others that will never get even a flirt message

So, the answer to your question " How do you meet soft swapping swingers" first you'll need to put some effort into your soft swap personals advert as a poor thought out profile will not get anyone wanting to contact you and rather than moving onto anything else lets address a few basics in placing a great personals advert

Placing your advert & getting members contacting you

So you want to meet with soft swingers? well the first step is your profile as this will get your details in front of thousands of members and posted before are some tips on writing a good soft swapping personals advert - first join up then

  • profile name / login username - use one that's easy to remember both for yourself and other members as the last thing you want is someone seeing your soft swapping personals advert then forgetting your username
  • Profile heading - its the first thing members so when searching for soft swapping contact so try to post something that makes people want to click on your details and including your location (town) helps - so something like " young soft swapping couple from Gosport / Hants looking to meet for friendship & soft swaps" - bing perfect, if you were looking for a young couple from Hampshire there's every chance you'll click on that
  • Personals advert - this is where you can tell members about yourself, what your looking for and NOT. by giving people lots of information you'll not only get members that are better matched but you won't have to spend hours deleting profiles that are no good. So tell people about yourself, we give you unlimited space so use it
  • Photos - if you are serious about meeting members then photos really are a must - if you don't want to show your face you can crop it but a profile with no photos more often than not is viewed as not being serious - as you can see photos are not displayed on the publicly accessible parts of the site

By following these basic soft swapping tips you'll soon have members contacting you and wanting to meet up so why not join us today ........after all its FREE and check out just some of the great features free members get

  • free profile space for your advert
  • free email account keeping your private contact details private
  • unlimited space for member photos
  • free access to forums, blogs & soft swapping chatrooms
  • access to search members profiles

And .......its all free, so if you want to make contacts with soft swapping members join us today

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