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Since we added the swingers webcam feature more soft swapping couples have loged and used this than any other swinging contacts and when you considering it webcam sex HAS to be one of the most interesting aspects of using a swingers contacts site after all where else could you chat live or maybe even watch others playing on your PC!

Webcams Soft swaps is kinda the ultimate swingers meet when you consider it after all by watching others on cams you have completel control over what happens or should I say what peole see

Our new Webcam Swingers chat is the crème-de-la-crème of adult chatrooms and is definitely our flagship offering so many features that with more members having webcams than every before the good old solid text based chatroom are dropping out of favour with everyone loging in and looking at users online using there cams.

Webcam Soft swinging meets, the saftest way to play online

It’s really turned the way members around, after all it was always a case in the past that members would insist to see photos now a lot of members will want to cam directly so they know you are serouse about meeting up and it doesn't matter if your looking for meets with couples, singles, bisexual swingers and crossdressers

One of things I've noticed is members especially dogging once's do like to tell others about what they have been up to and within the members section we have dedicated dogging forums so members can not only tell others, but also let members know where all the best dogging locations are, least the ones that are still in use

Having an active forum does mean the information is fresh, current and some members will even lets you know times and dates when they will be around so almost offering a guaranteed meet, which has to be better than just turning up and waiting around

What to look out for when dogging

first thing is the police as unfortunately the twats will do there very best to spoil our out door fun and whilst our members are good at keeping members updated when a dogging location starts getting the attention of police you do have to be very vigilant when dogging

The next commonly asked question by new doggers is "How do you know when people are looking for dogging contacts" - look out for these signals when you pull into a car park or picnic area

  • cars parked in quite / dark places
  • interiors lights on, this means they want people to join them
  • car windows open, this tends to mean voyeurs welcome
  • back door open, is a strong sign you can join in
  • side lights on only, voyeurs only

These are some key indicators but if your arranging to meet with someone from the forum all you really need do is look for their car

So if your looking to meet with dogger's forget looking around the dogging sites and ask the members directly from within the forum and to make it even better basic access to the site if FREE and that includes getting access to the dogging forums section

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If you want to meet with soft swapping dogging contacts join up today and start having some fun with others around the Uk & Europe

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