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What is Adult VOD?

VOD stands for Video on Demand, basically instant porn on your computer! With today's faster broadband speeds it is now possible to watch porn films over the internet rather than having to buy the DVDs and wait for them to be delivered. With VOD you can watch your porn when you are horny and not when the postman delivers!

Just think of it as having the biggest and best porn DVD collection at your fingertips only it doesn't take up any space in your home and all you need is a laptop or computer with an internet connection and Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. The hardest part of using the VOD system is deciding what film from the list of thousands to watch first!!

Different options same great value!

We know that different people like to watch different types of porn movies so we have around 120 different genres for you to choose films from and how you watch them is up to you too:

  • Pay-Per-View - find the film your want to watch and then either start it from the beginning or chose a scene to watch, you are then just charged for the actual amount of minutes that you watch the streaming movie - buy minutes in advance from as little as 5p!
  • Streaming - rent your chosen film from just £4 per title and the film is streamed to your PC straight away meaning you can start watching it immediately and watch it as often as you like within the 48 hour rental period.
  • Download - again it is renting the movie but with downloading the quality as if it was a DVD, you can watch it full screen, rental is for either 7 or 30 days, prices start at £5 but the whole film must be downloaded before you can watch it.
  • Download to own - same principle as downloading but for around £10 per porn film you can create your own copy onto disc to play in your DVD player and watch the film as often as you like in the comfort of your living room!
So what are the hidden costs?

Honestly there are none! It is costs nothing to create a VOD account and then you are totally in charge, just buy the minutes you want to or you can be charged for each film you decide to rent (bought minutes money can be used for rentals as well) there are absolutely no membership fees and no monthly billing so you can use the services as often or little as you like. The company providing the VOD is based in the States and they deal with all money transactions.

Sign up for your account & start watching!

You MUST be at least 18 years old to watch any of the films available through adult VOD!


Swingers video on demand

Swingers 5
Filmed in Sheffield, watch these real life swingers having fun! Lots of sucking and fucking going on you can see why so many people get into swinging big time!
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Melanie's Real Brit Swingers 2
Melanie is a big name in the swingers world and here she shows just what goes on at a swinger's party in the Midlands featuring real swingers!
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Tracey's First Timers
This movie is made up from videos filmed by swingers & amateurs from all over the UK and put together to form one seriously horny porn film!
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